Volity Games was formed in 2005 to make gaming better through technology. In the following years, we launched two experimental web services: Planbeast and the Volity Network.

We might have been ahead of our time, or just somewhere to the left of it. Either way, neither project gathered much momentum. In early 2011 we decided to take down the servers. We've had a great time, but now it's time to put Volity on the shelf.

Thanks to everybody who tried our services and played our games. We're glad we had a chance to show off to you folks.

Interested in future news?

We're still bubbling with game ideas and game-related projects, and we're pursuing them under other labels. You can follow our continuing exploits on the Gameshelf blog.

It's possible that the Volity ideas will appear someday in other forms. If you want to sign up for any future Volity announcements, feel free to drop your email address here. (We will not give it to anybody else.)